Past Walks & Talks


September 19

Zoom: Defending Our Votes: first strategy meeting

September 10

Talcott Church walking tour

September 1

Zoom: Labor in 20 Pictures

July 16

Old State House

Zoom: History of Protest in Hartford

May 27

Greater Htfd Jewish Community Center

Zoom: Jewish Women Labor Leaders

April 30

Zoom: IWW in Connecticut

April 13

UConn School of Social Work

Slide show

April 1

Trinity Action Lab

Shoeleather Waking tour

March 26

Trinity College

Shoeleather Walking tour

March 10

Trinity College

ibrahim’s class slideshow

February 26

Trinity College

Liberal Arts Action Lab meet with students

January 14

Old State House, Hartford

The Easton Family


June 11

”Justice & Faith” Walking Tour

May 23

CT Mirror op ed

On which side of history will the Board of Regents land?

May 2

Hartford History Center

Talcott Church & the Eastons

April 5

District 1199 Staff educational

Hartford Labor History in 20 Pictures

April 4

CSEA Retirees Meeting

Hartford Labor History in 20 Pictures

March 28

National Council on Public History, Hartford

Walking Tour: Justice and Faith, Hartford’s First Black Church

February 5

Old State House

Justice Faith: Hartford’s First Black Church


December 5

Hopsy-Turvy Beer Tour / Thomas Hooker Brew Pub


December 5

Jewish Histotical Society of Greater Hartford

Hartford’s Jewish Labor Activists

November 7

Hog River Brewing Co.

The Great Hartford Beer Strike of 1902

October 14

Colt Park

Mural painting; The Life of Roberto Clemente

October 3

Hanging Hills Brewery

A Brief Social History of Beer

September 28

Pratt Street, Hartford

Barnes & Noble Local Authors book fair

September 21

Real Art Ways

Bisbee ‘17: Film and discussion

September 14

Faith Congregational Church

Consult on Talcott St. Church anniversary

August 1

Grating the Nutmeg Podcast

Wicked Hartford

July 23

Shoeleather Walking Tour

Front St./State House Square

July 16

District 1199

Book launch: My Open Heart Nursing Home Worker stories 

June 29

Connecticut Explored

African American Baseball in CT

June 26

Ancient Burying Ground

Workshop for Guide trainees

May 27

Connecticut Historical Society

WWI Exhibit: Pacifist Ulysses DeRosa

May 9

Sea Tea Comedy Theater

Improv riffs on Wicked Hartford

April 28

4Cs Membership Conference, Mystic

Wicked Hartford: Lessons for Our Students

April 14

Northeast Regional Social Studies Conference

New Shoeleather Walking Tour

March 23

New England Archivists Conference, New Haven

Community Archives: An Organizing Resource

March 18

Cinestudio, Trinity College

Irish Documentary Film: No Stone Unturned

March 2

Barnes & Noble, UConn Hartford

Local Authors Day

February 22

Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

Wicked Hartford talk

January 23

Natl Organization of Legal Services Workers/UAW, Las Vegas

How to Use History to Build Your Union

January 20

Intl Association of Machinists, State Council Convention

CT Labor History in 20 Pictures”

January 3

Hartford Courant

‘Wicked Hartford Shows a Darker Side of City”


December 31

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

6th Annual Roberto Clemente Life Celebration

December 7

Barnes & Noble UConn Bookstore

Wicked Hartford book talk

November 12

Connecticut Explored

Grating the Nutmeg podcast: Wicked Hartford

November 9

Hartford History Center

Wicked Hartford book talk

October 28

New Shoeleather Walking Tour: Union Place

October 26

Connecticut Explored magazine

Hartford’s Union Brew

October 8

District 1199/SEIU

Book Launch: Wicked Hartford

September 26

WFSB Channel 3 Better Connecticut

Shoeleather History Walking Tour

September 14


Interpreting Sam Colt (starts at 33:45)

September 6

Colin McEnroe Show WNPR

Honor Sam Colt?  Nah.

September 4

Bread & Roses Festival, Lawrence MA

Honoring WWI Anti-War Heroes

August 21

CT Mirror

Are We Heading for a New Civil War?

June 29

Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford

Tour Worksop for Middle-School Summer Guides

July 11

Charter Oak Walking Tour

With District 1199 Summer School Writing Class

June 29

Center Church Douglass Court

Sheff Movement’s Frederick Douglass July 4th

June 27

Grating the Nutmeg Podcast

The Great Hartford Brewers’ Strike 1902

June 1

Connecticut Explored

Hartford’s Union Brew: Beer Makers’ Strike, 1902

May 30

Charter Oak Shoeleather Walking Tour

May 18

First Church, Hartford

Frederick Douglass Celebration

Lessons of Resistance

May 17

Hartford Courant

Douglass’ Hartford Visit 

May 12

CT Mirror

Lessons of the Abolitionists for Today

April 20

Connecticut State Library

Remembering the Anti- Warriors of WWI

April 2

Downingtown, PA Friends Meeting

Seeking Truth: New Lessons from Old Stories

March 25

Capital Community College

History Day judge

March 18

WRL Training for Trainers

The intersection of nonviolence and the labor movement

March 13

Cinestudio, Irish Northern Aid

Introduction to Bobby Sands: 66 Days

February 25

People’s World Black History Celebration

Frederick Douglass in Hartford

February 14

Trinity College

Why Workers Needed to Build the IWW

January 24

CT Mirror

How Should We Remember World War I ?

January 21


Is SOLIDARITY possible? Cops are workers too.


December 11

UAW Region 9a

Colt Strike at 30: A Commemoration of Courage

December 8

Trinity College

What we learned from the Colt Strike 1986-1990


Telling Local People’s History: Interview with Steve Thornton

October 28

CT Mirror

Politics 2016: The Unthinkable Can Happen Here

October 12

Why the Union Vote Counts

September 5


Discovered: America’s Working Class!

August 20

Children of the Orignal Wobblies

August 10


Gatling Gun: First Weapon of Mass Destruction

August 9

Stewards Update

Perry Mason or Mother Jones?

August 2

flip a table


Industrial Worker Issue #1778, Summer, 2016

Pierce Wetter, Original CT Wobbly

July 28


With Black Lives at Stake, Words Matter

July 14

Woody Guthrie in Hartford

June 4


Something to Show for Our Work- CT in the Depression

May 30


Memorial Day: Why?

May 6


Hartford’s Gilded Age

May 4

Bridgeport History Center

Theater for the 99% in Bridgeport

May 1

The Rebel Girl and May Day

April 12


Speaking Under an Open Sky: Frederick Douglass in Hartford

March 28

CT Mirror op-ed

Could Connecticut be wooed by a fascist candidate?

March 26

History Camp

Steam Punk History: Low Tech Storytelling in the Digital Age

March 22

Old State House

Emmeline Pankhurst speaks to Hartford

March 8

Oakroot News

Review of A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies

March 6

Steward Update /The Worker Institute

Member Apathy?  There’s No Such Thing!

March 4

Bridgeport History Center

Bridgeport Sparks a “March to Rebuild America”

January 18


Boot Blacks and the Struggle to Survive in Hartford

January 18


Video: Martin Luther King at Local 1199

January 20

CT Mirror op ed

My Supreme Court Story

February 12

CT Mirror op-ed

Police Surveillance Nothing New in Connecticut

February 8

Counter Currents

Book Review: The People Make the Peace

February 5

CSEA Council 400

The Wobblies in Connecticut


January 3

Havana Times

Yanqui or Yankee?  Reconciliation with Cuba

January 7

Peoples World

High Points and Low Points…Connecticut & Cuba

January 22

Ellington CT Historical Society

Labor History is Family History/Wobblies

January 29, 30 & February 1

Moral Monday CT

Nonviolent Direct Action Trainings

January 31

Celebration for Oscar Lopez Rivera

Clothesline History,” Hartford Puerto Rican activism

The Fugitive and the Hero

February 13

The Language of the Unheard: 60’s Urban Rebellions

February 18

Middlesex Community College

Lessons from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

February 24 

UMass Amherst

The Wobblies 

March 11

Selma, Not So Far Away

April 11

Shoeleather Walking Tour for UConn students

April 16

Swinging for the Fences: CT Black Baseball Greats

April 17

Carl Sandburg in Connecticut

May 1

Industrial Worker

Carl Sandburg, The Workers’ Poet

May 1

Z Magazine

Review of A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies

May 1

Black Rock Library, Bridgeport

The Wobblies in Bridgeport

May 1

TeleSUR TV / English

Low Wage Workers Shake the Ground on May Day

May 3


Students Teach Elders About 1st Amendment

May 4


The Newsies Strike Back

May 6

TeleSUR English

TV interview on May Day, Eight-hour day, Fight for $15

May 29

CounterPunch Magazine

Review of A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies

May 30

Shoeleather Walking Tour (Charter Oak)

June 26

Great Labor Arts Exchange, Washington DC

Using Our History as an Organizing Tool

June 29

CT Alliance of Retired Americans

A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies

July 1

HartBeat Ensemble interns

Shoeleather Labor Walking Tour

July 4

CT Mirror op ed

Origins of Our Independence Similar to Today’s Conditions

July 7

The Black Panther Party in CT: Community Survival Programs

September 3

Lego international team

Shoeleather Walking Tour

September 7

Bread & Roses Heritage Festival, Lawrence MA

In the footsteps of a Wobbly legend

September 9

CT Mirror op ed

Busting Anti-Union Myths

September 18

Global History from Below, People’s Poetry & People’s History

September 18

The Rise of the Black Panther Party in Connecticut

October 20

Irish History Roundtable

How Hartford’s Irish Immigrants Overcame Prejudice

October 22

New Haven Federation of Teachers Retirees Group

The Wobblies in Connecticut

October 28

AFSCME Retirees

The Wobblies in Connecticut

October 29

Trinity College Globalization class

Hartford’s Hidden History spots

November 13

CT Mirror op ed

Emmeline Pankhurst in Hartford

November 28

CT Mirror op ed

Connecticut’s Immigrant ‘Crisis’ Not Its First

December 7

Yale Jobs Crisis Campaign

Nonviolent direct action training

December 8

Source Radio Network/Sports Tuesday

Interview: Black Baseball in Connecticut

December 14


The Teenager Who Saved the Amistad Captives

December 31

CT Mirror op ed

Puerto Rico’s Crisis, Connecticut’s Problem

December 31

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Fourth annual Roberto Clemente Life Celebration


January 4

Book signing

New Haven People’s Center

February 11

Judge for Renzulli School National History Day projects

March 4


Hartford’s City Mother, Josephine Bennett

March 8

Regional judge for National History Day

March 17


Union Brew

March 25

Connecticut History .org

Women of the Prison Brigade

March 29

One Nation Under Surveillance civil liberties conference, CCSU

Wobblies fight for free speech

April 5

Lawrence, MA History Center: The New Immigration Symposium

Immigrants and Union Building

April 10


Review: Shoeleather History Brings Rambunctious New England Wobblies to Life

April 21

New Haven Coalition for People

Organizing : 10 Lessons

April 26

Statewide judge for National History Day at CCSU

April 27

New Haven Labor History Association

Augusta Troup Award

April 28

CT Mirror Op Ed


Workers Memorial ceremony at State Capitol

Why Workers Memorial Day is so Important

May 1

Connecticut History Review

A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies

June 5-7

How Class Works 2014 Conference: SUNY Stony Brook

Beating the Company Town

June 17

Irish Roundtable, New Haven

Irish Americans in the CT labor movement

June 19

CT Mirror Op Ed

Mark Twain– Nation Building in Camelot

July 16

CT Mirror Op Ed

Honoring Colt is a Misplaced Effort

July 26

Charter Oak Cultural Center

Shoeleather Walking Tour

July 28

World Fellowship Center, Albany New Hampshire

The Wobblies and the Clamshell Alliance: Movement Building

July 31


Rising Tide: Steamboat Workers on the Connecticut River

August 11

Hartford Business Journal Op Ed

Would Sam Colt be Considered a Good Businessman Today?

August 20

CT Mirror Op Ed

There are Nonviolent Ways to Defend Against Racism

August 21

Cafe Libri: Reviewing Books and More

The sort of history that will not be taught in schools.”

September 1

CT Mirror Op Ed

Labor Day: A Holiday Created for Us

Windham Textile Museum

IWW 1912 Strikes in Willimantic 

Industrial Worker

Book Review: New Forms of Worker Organization

September 13

Fight for Fifteen & a Union

Nonviolence /CD training for  9/14

September  22

Walking Tour for UConn  Urban Semester class 

September 25

Speak at Trinity college class

Conflicts and Cultures in American Society: 1910s

November 1

Association for the Study of Connecticut History (ASCH)

Conference on Work– Factory Women: Unions and Liberation

November 3


Connecticut’s Jim Crow Law

November 11

CT Mirror Op Ed

Bonus Veterans: An Army Without Guns

November 12

Northwestern CT Community College

Plying an Honest Trade: Winsted’s Factory Women

November 13

Dodd Center, UConn

Social Justice & Community Organizing as a Career

November 15


“Negroes Who Stand Up and Fight Back”: Paul Robeson

November 19

Seabury Advanced Learning Program

A Virtual Shoeleather History Tour

November 24

Beat of the Street (BOTS) Creative Learning Center

Community Organizing II

December 5

BOTS class

Hartford History of Nonviolent Direct Action

December 19

CT Mirror Op Ed

From Revenge to Reconciliation with Cuba

 December  31

Third annual Life Celebration of Roberto Clemente


April 24

Annual meeting of the Greater New Haven Labor History Association

How We Won: The labor/community fight to save Waterbury Hospital

June 15

Connecticut, website of CT Humanities

Hartford’s Sex Trade: Prostitutes and Politics

July 20

Southern CT State University

Community Organizing 101

July 20


How the Wobblies Won Free Speech


Industrial Worker, newspaper of the IWW

When History Gets It Wrong: Reclaiming Our Victories

August 2

New England Historical Society

The Newsies Strike Back

August 5

The Sand Hogs at Bulkeley Bridge

August 9

Hiroshima Day Commemoration

Friends Meeting House, West Hartford

Torture, Terror & WMDs — in Connecticut

September 1

Industrial Worker

Ben Legere: Long Distance Runner on the Left

September 2

Bread and Roses Heritage Festival, Lawrence , MA

Massachusetts Wobbly Ben Legere: Long Distance Runner on the Left

October 1

Z Magazine

Hospital Workers Beat Private Equity Takeover

October 16

Book Launch at District 1199

November 6

Greater Hartford Central Labor Council

Labor Honor Roll

Hartford Labor  Council write-up

November 10


A Feeling of Solidarity: Unions and Women’s Suffrage

Southern CT State University

Organizing  101: Waterbury Hospital Fight

November 28

Real Hartford profile

December 1

Industrial Worker, December, 2013

Nonviolent Direct Action and the Early IWW

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