Shoeleather Quiz #2

1. What was the last film to play at the Meadows Drive-In Theater before it closed?

2. Which one of Hartford’s original founders made a woman “confess” to being a witch so she could be hanged?

3. Which Hartford photographer took a daguerrotype portrait of John Brown?

4. How many people attended the 1969 October Moratorium against the Vietnam War in Bushnell Park?   (a) 10,000  (b) 2,500  (c) 50,000 (d) there was no protest.

5. Some of the first English colonists who settled in Hartford were so disgusted with the local leadership they split and built what town?

No Googling!  The answers will appear on this page after folks get a chance to play.

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    (1) The movie was a documentary called “AKA Cassius Clay.” The title stayed up on the marquee years after the drive-in closed!

    (2) Reverend Samuel Stone, Thomas Hooker’s number 2 man. Mary Johnson was executed in 1648. Stone got the credit, although the whippings undoubtedly encouraged her to confess.

    (3) Augustus Washington, an African Ametican, was the photographer. His studio was on Main Steet, across from what is now the Old State House.

    (4) Ten thousand people crowded into the Park that day, including hundreds of college students who marched in from U of H, UConn, and Htfd College for Women. Biggest peace rally in Connecticut history.

    (5) They left Hartford and established Hadley, MA. They were angry with– guess who?– Rev. Sam Stone, who was a bit of a control freak.

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