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“For the Hartford installment of their long-running Wicked cities series, the folks at History Press couldn’t have picked a much better author for the job than Steve Thornton, the longtime labor organizer, grassroots historian and raconteur extraordinaire. Thornton has been bringing the un- and underknown tales from Hartford’s past for years through his Shoeleather History walking tours. Wicked Hartford cobbles together stories from a broad and diverse background. The deeply immoral parts of Sam Colt’s reign as Hartford’s most famous industrialist, fascist priests, and the stories of Hartford’s prostitution industry all get a mention.”

Michael Lee-Murphy, Connecticut Magazine, 12/18/17



On sale at,, and Barnes & Noble.

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4 comments on “Introducing: WICKED HARTFORD

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  2. furbirdsqueerly
    October 3, 2017

    Reblogged this on furbirdsqueerly and commented:
    Looks to be another great book from Steve Thornton. A history of the people and made by the people. Also a new walking tour is bound to be loaded with ourstories.

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