May Day !

Forget Loyalty Day, Health Day, Moving Day.  May 1st is a celebration for working people all around the world, and … More

Rising Tide: Steamboat Workers

From the Mississippi River to the Connecticut River, steamboats played a major role in building 19th century America.  Hartford residents … More

The Rebel Girl on May Day

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn celebrated May Day with Connecticut textile workers on May 1, 1912. This little-known speech was a special moment, … More

Labor & Suffrage

The small plaque in the south corner of the State Capitol identifies the names of early 20th century Connecticut women … More

The Woman in Red

If she hadn’t worn her red dress to the picket line, Amelia Sabich might have lived a normal, quiet life. … More

Mayor Mark Twain

Could Mark Twain have become mayor of Hartford? Apparently, the Knights of Labor thought so. This 19th century labor union … More

Baseball Crazy

No ESPN, no sports radio, no internet scores. In 1913, all Hartford baseball fans had was the Megaphone Man. He … More

The Gandhi Strike

It’s been more than 75 years since the legendary Flint sit-down strike by Michigan autoworkers, a watershed event in American … More

Union Brew

In 1901, all Hartford saloons sold a glass of beer for a nickel. But if a thirsty man bought the … More

One Big Union in Hartford

In a few rooms above Giolito’s Restaurant on Market Street, not too far from the Hartford Police Station, Sam Bernowsky … More

The Tao of Danny

Some of the sayings of Danny Perez, union organizer.  Principles that signify the fundamental true nature of the organizing world.  … More